KQGIS gives you everything you need to collect, visualize, map and share your geospatial data. KQGIS capabilities inspire positive changes across industries, give alternative perspectives, and lead to informed decisions.

Full Cross-Platform Support

With continuous investments and improvements in software architecture and performance, KQGIS platform geoenables your business operations anytime and anywhere across laptop, phone, and pad.

Unified Microkernel

KQGIS platform has unified microkernel which uses a modular framework. It enables more extensibility, flexibility, and isolation of application features. Users can load only the functionalities they need and plug in custom modules easily.

Open Architecture

KQGIS platform is well compatible with multiple mainstream OS, CPU, GPU, enterprise databases, etc. As a result, it applies the geospatial capabilities in different software & hardware environments.

Native 64-bit Support

KQGIS platform makes utmost of the additional RAM offered by 64-bit operating systems to enable better loading and processing of very large amount of geospatial data. 64-bit processing helps you interact with the applications efficiently.

Rich GIS Capabilities

KQGIS platform has a set of applications to align with your business needs in data collection, management, processing, visualization, mapping, spatial analytics, and sharing. No matter in the office or the field, the flexible applications keep your business functioning efficiently and securely. There are also various GIS APIs and SDKs to build your business-focused apps with the least cost and effort.



Collaboration, Sharing, Security

KQGIS integrates multiple GIS platform deployments to build a distributed Web GIS which allows you to access more authoritative and up-to-date data and collaborate with other organizations. Freeing resource clouds from different organizations, a distributed Web GIS creates a collaborative environment for the participants to work together for shared goals. The participants can share data and content in a more precise and secure manner with the data access control powered by hierarchical user management mechanism.


Boost Business Benefits

With KQGIS platform, you can easily collect, store, manage your data from different sources. It helps you integrate either 2D or 3D data, historical or real-time data, spatial or non-spatial data, etc. and obtain location-based insights. A wide range of GIS tools are ready to foster data-driven changes, maximize data value in your business practice, and reap the greatest benefits.


Seek more insights from the GIS stories.

Resource Satellite Data Distribution

Adopt the advanced big data and cloud computing technologies of KQGIS platform to build a national and authoritative satellite image distribution platform, so as to provide satellite data resources and services for the governments, enterprises and the public more efficiently. Adopt KQGIS Portal as the distribution center to achieve the management, retrieval, recommendation, order, distribution, etc. of all satellite images in China.

The 3rd National Land Survey

With the rich experience in the 2nd National Land Survey projects, KQ tailored a product portfolio for the whole workflow of the 3rd National Land Survey, including field survey system, database construction and management system, database aggregation system, survey and verification platform, and data analysis and sharing cloud platform. It improves the management and service capabilities of land and resources departments at various levels and contributes more than 40% of the market.

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