Big Data

GIS Makes Your Data Even More Valuable

Have you ever been bothered or helpless when facing such diverse and complex data? Now, GIS gives you a “Super Brain”. Help you uncover the hidden opportunities and quickly find the best solution.

Success Story

Bringing Tangible Agriculture Benefits with Big Data

With KQ’s big data applications, an agricultural park in Dongxihu District of Wuhan, China, has realized integration, real-time online display and analysis of agricultural data like pests, soil environment and product marketing, which reduced manpower and boosted yield. Meanwhile, its leisure agriculture also brought in a handsome income.

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Data Insight and Intelligence Begin Here

Data integration and analytics drive smart decision-making. Make the utmost of KQ big data technologies, integrate industrial information beyond time and space, and predict future development trends, which enable you to seize the opportunity of becoming the most efficient, intelligent and capable organization. This is the power of KQ big data.

Real-time Monitoring

Collect, display and share the data just in real time. Make your live data available to everyone anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Dynamic Analysis

Explore the business value behind your dynamic data, and help you better understand the opportunities and risks with diversified dashboards.

Data-driven Decision-making

A right decision may bring considerable benefits. Give full play to the data insight to make more intelligent decisions, which can help you to be more forward-looking and productive with less investment.

Big Data Applications Give What You Imagine

Use GIS to explore more deep value behind data by leveraging KQ’s big data applications.

Create More Agricultural Benefits

Master the latest agricultural information and product circulation status, and predict agricultural development trends. Help the government implement regional control and bring more benefits to farmers.

Make More Scientific Forestry Decisions

Integrate data like forestry disasters, environment and resources to help governments have an accurate idea of forestry conditions, predict potential pests and disasters, and make better decisions in policy making and trend revealing.

Make More Powerful Disaster Response

Understand the dynamics and severity of geological disasters, assess response capacities in different regions, and assist in preparedness and response based on preventive analysis to ensure life and property safety.

Features of KQ Big Data Applications

Data Integration

Quickly and smoothly display and analyze large volumes of data from any industry in any time.

Data Mining

Find the final answer that you desire from massive and complex data. Uncover hidden opportunities in your industry with GIS.


Get the most comprehensive information and provide the most scientific analysis, which empower you to make strategic decisions and judgements.

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