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Safeguarding the Public and Facilities

Located in Guangxi Province of China, Heng County employed KQ’s Geological Disaster Rescue Decision Analysis System for fast response to geological disaster. When the disaster is about to come, KQ’s system can release early warning timely, help to distribute resources and conduct relative deployment to ensure the safety of the public and facilities.

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Make Your Disaster Management Efficient

Covering disaster monitoring, information display & analysis, early warning & publishing, emergency command and post-disaster recovery, KQ enables you to grasp all-round situation of geological disaster for better disaster management.

Disaster Monitoring

Realize effective detection of potential danger through manual and automatic monitoring.

Manual Monitoring

Use KQ mobile App to directly record, report and check the disaster-related information on the mobile devices.

Automatic Monitoring

Use IoT sensors to automatically collect and transfer geological disaster data, such as groundwater level, crack size and surface displacement in disaster-prone areas.

Information Display & Analysis

Integrate massive disaster related information like administrative regions, facilities, disaster points, and display the spatial relationship on “OneMap” to assist GIS analysis for disaster rescue.

Early Warning & Publishing

Realize timely and reliable disaster warning and publishing which are indispensable for disaster rescue operations.

Early Warning & Forecast

Identify the alarms from the abnormality of meteorological, manual and automatic monitoring indexes. Highlight warnings on the map and automatically send warning messages to the person in charge at the same time.

Information Sharing & Publishing

Realize disaster information sharing among different departments and persons in charge, and publish the predicted disaster data and emergency information to the public.

Emergency Command

Focus on emergency response, provide professional emergency plans and support rescue command based on GIS analysis.

Emergency Plan & Drill

Carry out drills according to emergency plans including disaster basic information, resource allocation, personnel scheduling, etc., to shorten the real response time of a sudden geological disaster.

Emergency Command & Decision Making

Quickly analyze the optimal rescue route and make decisions about the rescue solution considering the available resources, traffic conditions, disaster-affected area and other information.

Post-disaster Recovery

Help the government count the affected population and assess facility damage. Assist to manage and supervise the restoration projects to facilitate home reconstruction.

Features of KQ Geological Disaster Applications


Monitor the all-round situation of potential geological disasters for timely disaster prevention and better disaster control.

High-efficiency Disaster Relief

Leverage GIS-based analytics to improve the efficiency of rescue operation.

Fast Post-disaster Reaction

Assist in damage assessment, post-disaster reconstruction planning and project management based on GIS.

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