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Empower the Government to Fully Master the Land Use Status

KQ provides the departments of land and resources in Anhui Province with an efficient, convenient and comprehensive solution for land survey. With KQ’s effort, these departments can easily conduct the field survey, data processing, data quality check, data aggregation and analysis, etc. The land use status of every corner across Anhui Province is fully grasped and managed.

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Make the Management of Land and Resources Easier and More Efficient

KQ delivers comprehensive solutions for land survey, cadastral management, land use planning and mining administration, which will integrate various data, increase efficiency, convey the status of land and resources, and help with better decisions.

Land Survey

Grasp and understand every piece of land information by carrying out current land use survey and national geographical survey.

Current Land Use Survey

Help land and resources departments to conduct current land use survey and display the survey results based on KQ solutions and GIS platforms. Also support land information sharing and spatial analysis for better management.

National Geographical Survey

Collect detailed and accurate information of natural and human geographic elements such as landforms, vegetation and residential areas, and analyze their spatial distribution, characteristics and relationship, which will provide an important basis for the government to formulate and implement development strategies, optimize national land development and resources allocation.

Integrated Cadastral Management

Implement cadastral survey, registration, data management and sharing to achieve all processes integrated management.

Cadastral Survey

Locate land parcel boundary with KQ surveying devices like RTK and tablets, and easily collect and upload cadastral information with thematic Apps.

Cadastral Registration

Build unified registration platform to manage land parcels. With features of online application and approval with maps, the platform serves the public and governments and improves the management level and efficiency.

Cadastral Data Management and Sharing

Analyze, update and share the cadastral survey results and registration information to satisfy the daily management requirements, like query, statistics, supervision, and data sharing among departments.

Land Use Planning

Help governments to implement land use planning and “Integration of Multiple Plans” to ensure planning consistency and avoid land use conflicts.

Land Use Planning

Realize unified compilation of land planning and 3D design of spatial distribution, support big data display of land use planning based on GIS maps, and help the government in planning implementation supervision and land use approval, thus providing a one-stop service for easier national and local land use planning.

Integration of Multiple Plans

Integrate, display and analyze various data in the GIS system, find out and solve the planning conflicts, so as to achieve integrated planning in city development and improve the efficiency of land use approval.

Mining Administration

Assist governments to integrate vast amount of mining data and clearly grasp the distribution of mineral resources, planning, development, mineral geological environment, and other related information with GIS.

Features of KQ Land and Resources Applications

Extensive Land Administrative Service

Professionally assist the land government with land survey, cadastral management, land use planning and mining administration to achieve easier management and provide highly efficient services.

Strong Spatial Information Integration

Leverage GIS to integrate different kinds of planning data to better display the spatial distribution of land and resources, and provide a complete data basis for administrative approval, thus realizing smart decision making.

Superior E-government Service Capabilities

Launch “online office, data visualization, approval with maps, simplified registration workflow” and other system features to serve e-government and help governments at all levels improve work efficiency.

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