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Bring “Mobile Patrol & GIS” into Forest Safety

Hubei Province of China has a large area of forest, however, seriously infested by pests and fires, because of its mountainous and hilly terrain as well as hot and humid climate. To fast detect and prevent disasters, the forestry agency turned to KQ. All the forestry disaster information can be quickly collected and updated into GIS system for analysis, which achieved efficient mobile patrol and timely disaster control.

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Field and Office Integration Mode

KQ’s mobile patrol consists of the field patrol App and the office web system. It enables patrollers to collect information and give feedback, and assists managers to make decisions quickly based on data visualization and analytics.

Make the Most of Mobile Patrol

Efficient mobile patrols go beyond time and space to get insight of emergencies. KQ helps to improve your patrol work and rescue operations.

Application 1: Land Use Law Enforcement

Conduct dynamic monitoring of illegal land use, on-site evidence collection and law enforcement, etc., establish information exchange channels for illegal acts reporting and law enforcement commanding, thus ensuring the efficiency and strength of law enforcement.

Application 2: Forestry Patrol

Enable the patrollers to record the growth information of forest resources, and timely discover disasters such as forest fires and pests, to take corresponding control measures, which makes forestry management easy and orderly.

Application 3: Pipeline Patrol

Assist municipal staff to carry out daily patrols and response to emergencies, like the fire caused by pipeline leakage of natural gas, which effectively improves the management and work efficiency.

Application 4: Border Patrol

Provide a convenient and effective way to detect and locate the threats in border areas so that you can respond in time to protect the interests of the country and the citizens.

Features of KQ Mobile Patrol Applications


Conduct patrol and support photo-taking, positioning and reporting by installing Apps on mobile devices.


Adopt the integrated field and office work mode to cover all stages of patrol work, which ensures information exchange and sharing and improves efficiency.

Easy Operability

Both the patrol App and the web system provide friendly interfaces, clear and customizable functions, and a good user experience.

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