Our Growth

In recent years, China’s geographic information industry has been expanding rapidly. KQ GEO was incorporated in Beijing in 2001. With 17 years of efforts, we have become a high-tech private enterprise that integrates research and development of software and hardware, industrial solutions and professional services in geospatial field. Now we have over 2500 employees with over 30% of annual revenue growth rate.

Over 40 Branches

To deliver better sales services and technical support, we have set up over 40 branches across China and founded 5 technical centers in Wuhan and other cities. We have obtained over 10 qualifications, including Class-A Qualification of Surveying and Mapping, ISO9001, ISO20000, ISO27001, CMMI Level 5 Certificate.

KQGIS Platform

Based on the self-developed KQGIS platform, we have been focusing on the research and development of core technologies, and we have independently developed a series of software and hardware products such as KQGIS Desktop, KQGIS Server, KQGIS Mobile, KQGIS 3D, RS Data Integrated Processing System, KQ High-Precision GNSS series equipment.

The recent years has seen the rapid development of our software and industrial solutions. Our software technologies have been greatly improved and be used in spatial big data processing, service cluster, cloud computing, smart analysis and so on. Our services cover a number of large-scale projects in land and resources, forestry, water conservancy, agriculture, digital city, national defense, surveying and mapping, environmental protection and so on. We have been awarded with over 50 honors.

Market Expansion

We have always attached great importance to the development of the international market. By now, we have set up branch company in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, and conduct market exploration in Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Myanmar with the support of Malaysia branch. We plan to build a first-class technical team in the geospatial field which focuses on the globalization of products and solutions, so as to provide comprehensive technical support and services, and deliver products and solutions which are more suitable for the international market.

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