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Deliver Higher Business Efficiency

Chuzhou Real Estate Registration Department of China, has simplified the registration types of real estate from 218 to 97 with KQ’s help, which greatly improved the efficiency. Now it only takes 3 days to finish real estate registration from application to certificate issuing, very fast and efficient.

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Promote Real Estate Management and Public Services

KQ develops solutions for property survey, registration management and value-added services of real estate, which will facilitate data collection, simplify the registration workflow and improve public services.

Property Survey

Assist to conduct field survey, surveying and mapping production and survey result management of real estate, which provides data basis for real estate registration.

Field Survey

Collect areas, boundary coordinates, owners and other related information of real estate with KQ surveying applications and devices.

Surveying and Mapping Production

Produce electronic maps of real estate based on field survey data to make their spatial locations and related attributes visualized.

Survey Result Management

Establish a GIS database and provide tools for standardizing and updating survey data, which provides a data foundation for real estate registration and management.

Registration Management

Cover all stages of registration management, including registration services, archive management, data aggregation and registration supervision, which ensures the efficiency, completeness and uniformity of registration.

Registration Services

Provide online services for governments to conduct real eatate registration and issue certificates, like registration query, acceptance, review, certificate-printing, etc. And also streamline the workflow and support approval with maps to achieve higher efficiency.

Archive Management

Establish an electronic archive center to classify and store data or other materials generated during the real estate registration process, and support functions like online query, update, borrowing, etc. It provides faster, more accurate and convenient file utilization for the governments and the publlic.

Aggregation and Supervision

Realize bottom-to-top aggregation of registration data. Provide data quality check, partition statistics, and registration progress supervision to support the national unified management of real estate registration.

Value-added Services

Provide value-added services like data sharing and public welfare to gain data insights and improve public service quality.

Data Sharing

Share real estate basic data and registration information with departments like public security, municipal administration, taxation, industry and commerce, finance, courts, etc. to achieve easier and faster real estate query and verification.

Online Service

Provide a variety of online services like appointments, applications, progress query and payment, so that the public will take the initiative to register real estate more conveniently and fast.

Smart Hall

Deploy some smart self-service devices and Apps in the Real Estate Registration Center Hall to improve the quality of public services by helping citizens and enterprises to queue, query and print certificates, etc.

Features of KQ Real Estate Applications

Strong Data Management Ability

Establish a real estate management system which aggregates local data to the central office, thus realizing unified registration, supervision, and information sharing of real estate across the whole country.

Complete Online Registration Approval

Assist the government in coordinating the joint online approval among multiple departments, and efficiently handle a variety of public registration applications.

Convenient Public Services

Simplify registration process and shorten registration time through providing convenient public services, making registration more efficient and easy.

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