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Boost Efficiency, Reduce Risk and Increase Revenue

With KQ’s help, the Local Taxation Bureau of Nanchang City has greatly improved efficiency of real estate tax collection. Noticeably, within one month, KQ helped reduce considerable risk of tax evasion or fraud arising from information inconsistency, and increased revenue which was proved by a tax recovery of about 1 million dollars.

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Leading Tax Departments Forward

KQ helps tax departments comprehensively grasp the information of real estate, like land and buildings, improve management efficiency, reduce risk and increase revenue.

Tax Source Management

Realize tax source information management, maintenance and updating based on KQGIS platform and database, and associate tax source information with land parcels and buildings, which provides data support for administration management.

Tax Visualized Management

Enable efficient management of the whole administration workflow, including information matching of land, tax payers and taxable behaviors, as well as tax collection warning and risks. Also support on-the-map visualized information query, statistics and analysis to promote decision-making.

Information Sharing & Exchange

Integrate tax-related data of the land and resources department, housing and construction departments, taxation authorities, etc. to realize real-time data matching, acquisition, sharing and exchange among these departments for smarter decision-making.

Features of KQ Tax Applications

Risk Control

Send reminders to the land owners with tax in arrears, and carry out risk investigation on reminder tasks and inconsistent tax sources, which realize the dynamic monitoring of land and taxpayers.

Data Support

Achieve data sharing and support auto-association of taxable behaviors with real estate information and the taxpayers to realize tax sources verification and data consistency.


Mine and analyze the real estate tax data by administrative regions, taxable behaviors, tax period, etc., and intuitively display them in various dashboards to assist with decision-making.

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