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Grasp All-round Situation of Marine Fishery

Shandong Provincial Department of Ocean and Fishery adopted KQ’s solution for efficient and innovative fishery management. Based on GIS and other technologies, KQ’s powerful platform assisted with system integration, massive data access and smart decision-making, which vigorously advanced the development of Shandong marine fishery.

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GIS Gives Water Management Advantages

Be it a river or a sea, KQ empowers you to fast grasp the water dynamics, fully utilize and supervise water resources, which will decrease the possibility of water related disasters, implement water scheduling and allocation, and benefit the people.

Water Resources Management

Realize intelligent and efficient water resources management through water monitoring and remote control, water scheduling and allocation, and integrated water management.

Water Monitoring & Remote Control

Master real-time hydrological indexes, site conditions and facility operating status by installing on-site sensors, cameras and RTUs. And equip with KQ platform to achieve hydrological information query, monitoring and remote control of hydro facilities for timely irrigating and draining.

Water Scheduling & Allocation

Based on hydrological information and available hydro facility conditions, KQ helps water departments grasp water demand in different regions and predict droughts and floods, so as to formulate water scheduling and allocation plans in advance.

Integrated Water Management

Realize data access from different water systems, support all-in-one query and 2D & 3D display of data like water census results, and provide data-driven analyses of water supply and demand, hydro projects, and water charges, etc.

Marine Fishery

Present a powerful platform to achieve system integration and data access. Based on massive data, the platform conducts trend analysis, releases warnings of illegal exploitation of marine resources, fishery production and maritime disasters, and provides the responsible departments with the data basis and suggestions for smart decision-making.

Features of KQ Water Resources Applications

Strong Data Collecting & Analyzing Ability

Collect and analyze water information through sensors and applications for accurate water related disaster forecasts and marine fishery management.

Timely Water Scheduling & Allocation

Conduct efficient and timely irrigation and drainage for preventing severe floods and draughts.

Reliable Data Access & System Integration

Integrate different systems into one platform and realize data access to eliminate information isolation and promote decision-making.

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