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Tea Quality Tracing Ensures Safer Drinking

Integrated the whole process of tea production with high-tech management, Huangshan Liubaili Monkey King Tea Garden used KQ product tracing solution to monitor every link of tea production and enable the customers to trace the growth and transportation of tea for safety.

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Increase the Productivity of Your Crops

Covering production management, quality supervision, agribusiness and agriculture insight, KQ enables you to collect and analyze comprehensive agriculture data to ensure crop health and increase yields.

Production Management

Realize specialized production management from different aspects like pest control, growth environment monitoring and yield estimation. It intends to plan, monitor and manage production process.

Pest Prevention

Collect relevant data on pests and predict the outbreak time and quantity with a GIS system before the outbreak of pests.

Growth Environment Monitoring

Monitor the growth environment of crops with IoT sensors and couple with remote control to create better growth conditions for higher production.

Yield Estimation

Establish the link between crop spectral information and yield by building yield estimation model based on RS data, which facilitates regional yield estimation efficiently.

Quality Supervision

Achieve reliable quality supervision by ensuring food safety and agricultural inputs.

Product Tracing

Collect the growth data of agricultural products and enable the consumers to trace where and how the products are produced by scanning QR code.

Agricultural Input Supervision

Perform detailed supervision on all the agricultural inputs for fields and crops, such as fertilizers and pesticides, to create a safer crop growth environment.


Successful agribusiness relies on advanced business mode and sales channel like E-commerce and leisure agriculture.


Provide B2B and B2C models of online sales of agricultural products, optimize overall social service management and bring decent benefits to farmers.

Leisure Agriculture

Build a 3D farm screen to vividly display the growth environment of agricultural products and provide information services about fruit picking and vacation, bringing better farmer stay experience to customers.

Agriculture Insight

Explore the links and laws among agricultural products, pests, soil types and market prices and assist the government to rationally plan and adjust agricultural activities, so that farmers can increase the production and income.

Features of KQ Agriculture Applications


Monitor the growth environment and inputs of your field from the seeding to the harvest, which makes the food traceable.

Advanced Operation Model

Provide the farmers and the public with B2B and B2C e-commerce models for conveniently buying and selling agricultural products.


Share the agriculture data on a large scale and forecast price trend for decision-making.

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