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Optimize Workflow and Save Cost for Utility Management

KQ solution provided Utility Mapping Division, JUPEM, Malaysia with an easy way to manage utility data and assets by streamlining the workflow of data management and maintenance according to their actual operational requirements. It also reduced total cost of ownership while improving workforce productivity.

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Lead the City into an Intelligence Era

KQ develops a spatio-temporal information cloud platform and plenty of smart applications to help managers from different industries integrate and share various data, and ultimately make city management more efficient, intelligent and controllable.

Spatio-temporal Information Cloud Platform

Integrate critical spatial and temporal information to provide cloud-based data sharing and secondary development services for industry-specific smart applications.

Smart Applications

Make full use of GIS and cloud platform to tackle the challenges faced by different industries in management and show the intelligence of modern city, thus benefiting the public.

Smart Pipelines

Provide efficient and accurate GIS tools on 2D maps and build 3D underground scenes. Also assist with rescue analysis of pipeline incidents, ensuring the city’s “neural network” can be managed safely, visibly and easily.

Smart Culture and Education

Display, analyze and summarize the spatial features of cultural and education POIs in 2D &3D to make the resources available to visitors and drive new insights.

Smart Environmental Protection

Dynamically monitor and collect the environmental quality indexes like gross alpha activity and chloride. Make statistics and analyses of pollution sources and sewage treatment capabilities to take measures to prevent or reduce pollution timely.

Features of KQ Smart City Applications

Reliable Data Support

Integrate and share spatio-temporal data from different industries and keep them accurate, secure and up-to-date.

GIS-enabled Services

Conduct spatial analysis of cross-industry data with GIS to explore the laws and value in data, which will serve the city better.

Smart Decision-making

Empower city managers with a smart brain to quickly make correct and reasonable decisions when they face challenges, making city management easier and more scientific.

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