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Dynamic Monitoring of Forest Resources

Situated in Shandong Province of China, the Forestry Bureau of Binzhou City applied KQ forest monitoring solution which integrates data collection, management and display to realize dynamic monitoring of the forest. It has successfully improved forestry management and protection ability, which significantly reduced the risks of the forest disasters like fire, pests, illegal logging and hunting.

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Optimize Your Forestry Management in an All-round Way

Whether you are managing state-owned natural resources or private forestry assets, KQ solution helps you monitor the forest resources, analyze the spatial data to reduce risks, and increase efficiency of your production and management.

Supervision & Management

Dynamically monitor and grasp the changes of forest resources like trees and wildlife so as to provide decision-making basis for resource management and protection.

Resource Management

Intuitively and dynamically display various information of forest resources with GIS to help you know the resource changes timely, accurately and comprehensively.

Wildlife Monitoring

Regularly collect detailed wildlife information with KQ’s mobile App to master wildlife distribution, species and density, and analyze the spatial change trend for better management and protection.

GNSS-based Forest Patrol

Provide a mobile patrol App for the patroller to receive the patrol tasks, locate the forest incidents like fire based on GNSS, record and report daily forest patrol information fast and conveniently.

Ecology Restoration

Accelerate recovery of forest ecosystems through KQ’s afforestation management. It helps governments make afforestation plans, supervise progress of each stage and provide data basis for decision-making to enhance afforestation quality, turn wasteland into a forest and create a better ecological environment.

Forest Disaster Management

Detect and forecast the potential forest disasters like fires and pests using GIS, IoT, drone photography, etc. before they occur so as to minimize losses.

Fire Prevention

Focus on the detection and prevention of forest fires by combining the real time monitor with GIS technology to reduce risks and provide the best solution for firefighting.

Pest Monitoring and Predicting

Predict the situation of pest outbreak according to the existing data at early stage, intensively monitor the key areas with video surveillance, light traps or RS images, and realize pest control in advance to reduce losses.

Industrial Management

Improve forestry management by efficiently dealing with forest farm affairs and optimizing tourism experience.

Forest Farm Management

Realize office automation and informatization management of forest farm resources, assets, projects, disputes and public safety affairs to improve production and operation efficiency.

Forest Tourism

Help you manage the forest tourism resources and activities of the scenic areas, and deliver quality services like travel guide, consultation, etc. to the tourists.

Features of KQ Forestry Applications

Comprehensive Supervision

Monitor the forest trees, wildlife, pests, fires, etc. to get an overall picture of changes and ensure the security of the forest.

Whole-process Management

Manage the fire process efficiently and effectively, including discovering, data collecting, early warning, firefighting and damage assessments to reduce losses.

Highly Efficient Mobile Workforce

Provide an easy-to-use App on mobile device for forest patrollers, enabling them to record and report in the field and thus saving much time.

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